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The intention of this website is to inform, promote and facilitate the development and training of citizens  for the good of our communities, state, and nation. Discrimination based upon race, ethnicity, gender and religious beliefs (or non-beliefs) will not be tolerated, and should not prevent us   from working together to protect our families, community and State.

The 36th Field Force Division, M Corp is one of fifty Field Force Divisions in the United States.  We are sanctioned by the 4th Continental Congress.  Each  Field Force Division is comprised of individual Battalions designated by counties within the Field Force state.  Military protocol is followed.

We are not anti-rule of law. We are a pro-free America militia that believes in fighting for the Constitution of the United States which is  the rule of law by all means necessary. We believe that the Constitution of the United States is the highest law of the land and firmly sets out the foundation of our government, military and rights of the people.  Those that oppose these beliefs shall be considered hostile to the United States of America and this group of patriots.

The 36th Light Foot Field Force Division, consist of everyday citizens just like you. We are mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters; we work full-time jobs to support our families while also supporting and equipping our unit. We see the danger this country is in and together we have drawn a line in the sand.

Your reason for joining this state militia is to help protect yourself, your family, your community and fellow citizens in the event of an emergency that jeopardizes the sovereignty of the State of Nevada, the rule of law, our country or the liberties of its citizens. Through applying what you will learn in training, you will be taking the necessary steps to be ready when an event occurs.

The 36th Light Foot Field Force Division recruitment process insures that radical, mentally unstable, or prior-felons are EXCLUDED from membership.  We are a law-abiding, non-racist, non-radical unit.  We train for defensive operations only and will follow the direction of the 4th C.C.in coordination with all elements of Mtn. Corp.

We are Nevada’s  only official Field Force of Constitutional Patriots,  attached to Mountain Corp of the 4th Continental Congress – living, working, and training throughout the state. Our mission is to prepare our soldiers and their families for any emergency scenario that may present itself as a threat.   The 36th Field Force and its Battalions follow the Light Foot standards.

Everyone has something to offer.  You don’t have to be ex military or LEO.  We are always recruiting.  Not everyone will pass muster.  If you believe you are safer and stronger in numbers than alone, with a set of contingencies that includes the wellbeing of all involved; get in touch with us.

31st Battalion, “Whiskey Tango”-Reno, Nevada Message FB page Whiskey Tango.


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